CONCEPT, a unique concept in road travel, now guarantee’s you the exemplary service associated with a two-way ride but for the price of one. This website keeps track of vendor vehicles as and when they get free in different cities and offer the above taxis for a return journey at a reasonable fare.

    When you book a taxi, normally from say one destination to the other you have to pay for the return journey as well whether you want to or not. But not any more, allows you to now travel in comfort and style but at really affordable rates. This is not all, the portal also logs in customer feedback, thereby allowing them to rank their vendors. Vendors which are ranked highly by their customers are then given priority in case of a booking for drop service. also blocks vendors in case of repeated poor service.

    All you need to do is log on, type in your date, time and destination and click on search to find out which cars are available. Since the cars come back empty after their drop, we thought of extending the benefit to the customer. So if you are looking for a quick drop to the destination of your choice simply log on to the for your one-way travel needs.

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